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Swatch Me Paint is Avon, Ohio’s best interior and exterior painting company. From commercial to residential painting services, from single rooms to entire houses, our expert team approaches each job with care. We treat every home like it’s our own, take pride in being thorough, and never skimp on the details. Our keen eye for color and passion for perfection make us your go-to local painting company.

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From floor to ceiling, Swatch Me Paint’s professional painting services have you covered.

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Saying that we love color would be an understatement. Our samples span the spectrum.

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Interior Services


At home or work, the indoor environment affects us all. Make the space where you spend time one that’s all your own: surround yourself with color! Our experienced, interior house painters will bring new life to your walls—cleaning, masking, priming, and applying high-quality interior paint that perfectly suits your personal style.


Swatch Me Paint’s decorative painting services can add a splash of color wherever it’s needed. From accent walls and contrast ceilings to uniquely colored baseboards, trim, cabinets and more, we can transform any room, quickly and economically. Ask us about our decorative painting services today!

Doors & Baseboards

Doors and baseboards are primarily functional, providing privacy, and covering the joint between the wall and floor. While utilitarian, they can also be so much more—a beautifully painted door and properly finished baseboard complete the look of your room. You pick a color; Swatch Me Paint will do the rest.

Staining & Refinishing

Over time, wood wears. Depending on its type, age and location, it can develop an attractive, weathered look. But over time, wood loses its natural beauty, drying, cracking, and becoming less water-resistant. Let Swatch Me Paint help—ask us about staining and refinishing your wood patio, furnishings and trim.


From the bathroom to the kitchen and even the basement, cabinets bear a heavy burden—not only from the dishes, toiletries and other essentials they hold but from daily opening and closing. Years of use can leave paint dirty, dull and worn off. Fortunately, painting cabinetry—even built-in—is part of our residential painting service!

Drywall Repair

Dings, dents, and holes in your wall—they can happen. Luckily, Swatch Me Paint provides a drywall repair service that can get your wall looking like new again. We’ll assess the damage, fill small holes and cracks, patch larger areas, clean up, sand, and prepare the surface for a fresh coat of primer and paint.

Outdoor Services


Your home, garage, shed and other outbuildings weather the elements year-round. Sun, rain, snow, and wind all make their mark, causing finishes to deteriorate. Swatch Me Paint’s exterior painting services to the rescue! We’ll clean, prime and repaint your outdoor buildings with long-lasting, weather-resistant coatings. 


Nothing says spring, summer, and even fall, like a long, lazy day on the deck. But time and daily use can leave your deck looking worn out. We can bring it back to life, restaining, finishing, or repainting, using durable, outdoor-rated finishes that add years of protection to your favorite spot in the yard. Ask us how.


A yard without a fence is just an open space. A fence creates a sense of privacy, delineating one property from the next. And like other outdoor structures, wood fences need protection to maximize their lifespan. Talk to us about our outdoor-safe coatings. Make your fence unique, and keep it looking its best!

pressure Washing

Ah, the great outdoors. Sun, fresh air… dirty shoes, oil stains… Whether you work or play outside, nothing stays pristine forever. Decks, patios, walkways, driveways—all eventually lose their luster. Swatch Me Paint can bring it back! Pressure washing uses a stream of high-pressure water to blast away built-up grime.

Design & Consultation

Color Samples

Don’t know what color to choose? That’s what we’re here for! Our huge selection of paint swatches puts the color spectrum in front of your eyes—from the richest red to the coolest blue, the most vibrant green to the warmest yellow, and everything in between—ensuring a perfect match or complementary choice.

Color Consultation

Selecting the right color for your space—whether a single room or the whole home—can be daunting. What you choose has to be just right, both for your decor, and to satisfy your one-of-a-kind aesthetic sensibilities. Swatch Me Paint can help you make the correct decision. Get in touch. Let’s have a color consultation. 

Window trim - a photo of a woman painting window trim.

About Us Committed to Quality Since 2019

Swatch Me Paint—Northeastern Ohio’s top local painting contractors—isn’t happy until you are. Our wide-ranging commercial and residential interior and exterior painting services are always performed proudly and with care. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to, ensuring all prep work—from cleaning, patching, priming, masking and more—is done before the first coat of paint is applied. Your furnishings and floor are always protected, and we leave without a trace. Except, that is, a gorgeous paint job! Still, trying to find a painter? Your search is over. 

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I had them do my living room but might call them back to do the whole house because it turned out so great. For whatever reason the one wall in the family room was all Lumpy from a bad spackle and paint job and they made it look brand new!

Client Since 1995

Awesome painting! Took the time to put incredible perfection in every detail. Highly recommended.

Client Since 1995

Really take their time to make your problem areas look amazing. Great work at great price.

Client Since 1995

I posted on our local community Facebook page that I needed help to get an extension cord down off the tall peak of our house that someone else left when taking our Christmas wreath down. Michael and his wife came over promptly in the next few days, brought one of their 40 foot ladders and a few of their workers to take it down for us! Super nice, reliable and just down right good people! We will definitely be using them for projects in the future and would highly recommend them!!!

Client Since 1995


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