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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to paint a house in Avon, Ohio?

The cost of interior painting varies, influenced by square footage and other factors. Painting the inside of a small home may cost as little as a few thousand dollars, with prices rising as home size increases. Material costs—primer, paint and supplies—as well as required prep work, time spent and overall job complexity also determine price. The larger the space and more complex the task, the greater the cost.

Painting looks simple—why isn’t it cheaper?

Painting is a skill—there’s more to it than dipping a brush in a can. From specialty tools and necessary prep work to selecting the appropriate paint, cleaning, priming and masking surfaces, and evenly applying coats to prevent visible overlap, professional painters make a complex, detail-oriented task look easy. Save time and spare yourself any aggravation—get in touch with your local painting contractor.

When should the exterior of my home or business be repainted?

This is a question with two answers: the first, is anytime you’d like. Nothing so quickly alters a building’s appearance like a fresh coat of paint. If you’re in no hurry, then wait until the paint starts to fade. Avoid letting it crack, peel or flake, as this could allow water ingress and damage structural integrity. Exterior paint jobs can last ten or more years, but lifespan varies according to environmental factors and surface material.

I’m on a budget—how can I save money?

Swatch Me Paint strives to offer high-quality interior and exterior painting services at fair prices. Costs may be minimized by taking on some of the prep work yourself—for example, draping furniture or removing it from the room. Fewer coats of paint means less material cost, as does leaving trim, baseboards and cabinets unpainted. Furthermore, latex paint tends to cost less, but may not be suitable for all applications. 

I can’t decide on a color—will you help me pick the right one?

Absolutely! Choosing the right color for your home or business can be a big decision—after all, you’ll have to look at it every day. There are more tints, tones and shades to select from than ever before. Paint has to match your decor, and suit your personal style. Swatch Me Paint has a great eye for color—without it, we wouldn’t be in this business. Talk to us about our color consultation services.

Why is painting so involved? Can’t you skip some steps?

Painting is an investment that beautifies, protects, preserves, and increases the value of your space. As with any investment, a positive, long-term return is desirable. While some surfaces can simply be painted over, it’s often necessary to clean and prime beforehand—a good paint job should last as long as possible. Other prep work, such as masking, ensures clean lines and a professional appearance. 

My wall is broken or dented. Can you fix it?

Yes we can! Swatch Me Paint offers professional drywall repair services to all our customers. From small nail holes to large sections, we’ll get your walls and ceilings patched up and ready to repaint. Minor damage requires little more than spackling. Large dents can be filled in, while cracked sections and big holes are cut around, replaced, and finally, sanded smooth. Accidents happen. We can help.

Will you remove my old wallpaper?

Certainly. With time, wallpaper can fade or peel—and let’s face it, the overwrought patterns of yesteryear haven’t aged well. Wallpaper removal can be time-consuming, especially if walls were papered over more than once, or a strong adhesive was used. Save yourself the hassle; let Swatch Me Paint remove your wallpaper and prepare your walls for priming and a fresh coat of beautiful interior paint.

What color should I paint the outside of my house?

A home is a reflection of its owner’s personality—though out of courtesy to your neighbors, and with respect to property values, we’d advise against anything too dramatic. Blue, grey, green, cream and beige are all popular choices, and white trim looks great with almost any dark or mid-tone color. Keep in mind how surrounding trees and other natural features might mesh or clash with your paint job. 

Why are some paints more expensive than others?

Everyone likes to save money, and sometimes “good enough” really is sufficient. But there is a significant difference between truly cheap and costlier, higher-quality paint: the former often includes more fillers, provides less coverage, and lacks in longevity and durability. Choosing even a moderately more expensive paint is a sound choice, and almost always pays off in the end.


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